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Apple device management company helps enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs) to utilize latest macOS

MIAMI December 2, 2020 — Companies worldwide are increasingly adopting Apple devices to make employees happier, more productive, and to grow their businesses. To help them continue disrupting their industries, Addigy, the Apple device management (ADM) company, today announces its support for macOS Big Sur, Apple’s latest operating system. 

Addigy conducted extensive Big Sur beta testing with clients throughout the summer, so they were fully prepared to transition users to the new system with no interruptions to workflow or security. Coupled with support for M1, Apple’s new silicon-based chip, Addigy has set a new standard for helping clients to immediately take advantage of the latest Apple technology.  

“We’ve worked with our clients since the first macOS Big Sur beta launch to ensure they’re ready to hit the ground running,” said Jason Dettbarn, CEO of Addigy. “With support for both the new operating system and the M1 chip, our clients can innovate faster than ever before – allowing them to stay competitive and use Apple’s powerful, best-in-class technology as soon as it hits the market.”

Addigy users can deploy Big Sur updates and start using its new features right away:

  • User-approved mobile device management (MDM) supervision: Newly enrolled devices in Addigy’s ADM platform are automatically considered supervised, giving IT administrators access to the device.
  • New Privacy Preferences Policy Control (PPPC) property for screen recording: Users can now approve screen capture or listen for whitelisted applications. 
  • Bootstrap token and secure token: Addigy users can use bootstrap tokens to automatically grant secure tokens to any local account when it is signed onto a macOS device.

MSPs especially stand to benefit from Big Sur’s streamlined user preferences and security updates. The new features help MSPs, who often manage hundreds or thousands of Apple devices at any time, to more easily deploy, manage, and track Apple devices from a single login on Addigy’s platform. 

“Our customers are rapidly adopting Apple devices and technology and they look to us as the experts to manage those transitions,” said Ben Greiner, Director of Apple Technology at Ntiva, an IT services company. “Addigy knew we needed to be way ahead of the curve on Big Sur readiness. They helped us test Big Sur iterations so we were up and running on day one and able to help our clients to quickly and easily take advantage of the new macOS features.”

Addigy will continue to offer support for Intel-based Mac computers, even after Apple has moved to solely produce M1 chip-equipped devices. For companies that wish to run more tests on Big Sur, Addigy also offers a 90 day installation delay. 

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