Addigy Launches Comprehensive, One-Click Compliance and Conditional Access for macOS Devices

Solution Brings Enhanced Organizational Security, Improved Efficiency and a Reduction in the Risk of Losses from Data Breach 

Miami, Florida – August 15, 2023 – Addigy, a leading provider of Apple device management solutions, today announced the launch of its Compliance and Conditional Access engine, a comprehensive solution that enables seamless, one-click device compliance for macOS devices that meets CIS, NIST standards. Real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities increase efficiency, boost user transparency and help to qualify for cybersecurity insurance and other audits, while saving time and resources, and reducing cost.

Restricting access to sensitive information is one of the most important goals of an organization. Achieving and maintaining compliance across a fleet of devices can be a time-consuming and challenging task for IT administrators and Managed Service Providers. Security strategies continue to evolve, as cloud access, personal devices and work from home have compounded the difficulty in restricting access. Conditional access provides a scalable way to address various scenarios in which a user or a device may be suspect.

Addigy’s solution revolutionizes the approach to compliance, allowing organizations to bring devices up to CIS and NIST standards without manual intervention, complying with regulatory requirements, reducing administrative burden and minimizing security risks. Intune integration allows macOS devices to match the same level of auditing and compliance as other devices in the organization (Windows devices, Chromebooks, etc.), ensuring data security and identifying devices out of management. 

The biggest threat to security is human error, which accounts for over 80% of cyber incidents. Account takeover threats cost consumers and businesses about $4 billion annually. Addigy compliance caters to the increasing concern about data breaches and hacks. Its compliance solution empowers end-users with self-service access to compliance status, enhancing user experience, user trust and reducing administrative burden.

“Device Security and Compliance are table stakes. But every company has a different vision of what compliance is. And in the Apple world, many users have a false sense of security,” shared Tim Pearson, CreativeTechs. “Addigy Compliance and Conditional Access is a Game Changer for us. With Addigy’s solution, we can provide every organization we work with insight about how their devices compare to the CIS level one baseline. And then work with them to establish what their level of security should be, based on the devices in their organization. Addigy has given us the ability to accurately show device security levels.”

Improvement in security, efficiency and ease of use come at a time when decentralized access management is no longer a viable solution. Manually validating and verifying authorized users and devices takes a toll on IT administrators, and tools like multi-factor authentication protections no longer provide the safety they once did. 

“As the need for heightened security and compliance requirements become more burdensome, Addigy’s Conditional Access solution takes the next step in delivering macOS management tools that increase efficiency and streamline compliance management,” said Ben Greiner, Apple Champion & Growth Advisor, Addigy. “Our ability to be at the forefront of Apple device management is due to our close work with enterprise IT teams and managed service providers to understand pressing concerns and issues.”

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