Addigy Shows Support of the Mac Admins Foundation Through Major Sponsorship

WASHINGTON, DC and MIAMI, FL / July 19, 2023 / Addigy, a leading provider of Apple device management solutions, today became a major sponsor of the Mac Admins Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on advancing the global community of IT professionals who specialize in managing Apple devices. The sponsorship supports the Mac Admins Foundation’s efforts to provide educational resources, community support, and professional development opportunities for Mac administrators worldwide.

The Mac Admins Foundation runs the popular Mac Admins Slack workspace, which provides more than 57,000 Apple-focused IT professionals a space to collaborate and share best practices. The foundation also offers training scholarships and provides community & conference grants to support the entire Mac Admin community – from those just entering the workforce to seasoned professionals looking to advance their careers.

“Sponsors make it possible for us to provide meaningful educational opportunities and resources to individuals seeking growth within the IT field,” said Tom Bridge, Co-Chair of the Mac Admins Foundation. “Our online community is free and openly accessible, and companies like Addigy allow us to keep it that way. The partnership between Addigy and the Mac Admins Foundation will no doubt provide greater opportunities for our community, as well as support innovation within the broader industry.”

“We are thrilled to support the Mac Admins Foundation,” said Jason Dettbarn, CEO of Addigy. “As a company deeply committed to supporting IT professionals, this partnership aligns perfectly with our mission. We look forward to working closely with the Mac Admins Foundation to advance the Mac administration community and help organizations fully leverage the power of Apple devices.”

To connect with other Mac admins, join the Mac Admins Slack workspace. For more information about Addigy and its cloud-based Apple device management platform, please visit

About Mac Admins Foundation
The Mac Admins Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that exists in order to advance the global community of people who manage Apple devices at large and small scales. Launched in May of 2022, based on a community begun in 2015, the Mac Admins Foundation runs conference and training scholarships for Mac Admins all over the world, in addition to running the Mac Admins Slack, a free collaboration platform of more than 50,000 Mac Admins.

About Addigy
Addigy is dedicated to elevating the Apple IT ecosystem for organizations of all sizes. Our best- in-class solution empowers enterprise IT teams and MSPs to securely manage their Mac and iOS devices easier, faster, and better than ever before. Through continuous iteration, a collaborative spirit, and deep industry expertise, we’re driving the future of Apple device management. Learn more at

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