Keep Devices in Their Ideal State with Addigy Policies

Addigy Policies let you deploy assets, settings, and configurations to any number of devices you decide — allowing you to organize your deployments by client, department, and location. Each time a device checks in, Addigy ensures the device is in compliance with the policy and, if not, automatically makes the necessary updates to bring the device into compliance.

Additionally, Addigy ensures devices stay continuously updated with the latest changes made.

Fully Customizable

Policies are fully customizable to fit your workflow and organizational needs. Policies can include as few or as many different assets you choose, including custom software, profiles, updates, device monitoring and remediation, scheduled maintenance tasks, and more.

Any number of devices or assets

You can create a policy to deploy a single piece of software to a single device and another to deploy a full suite of company-required assets across your entire managed fleet. Any combination is possible to adapt to your organization’s needs.

Manual assignment or assigned by device rules and metrics

You can assign devices manually or via automation with Addigy Policies. This powerful capability gives you complete control over how you wish to manage policies. You can combine both approaches to meet the workflow requirements of your organization.

Addigy “Flex” Policies use a device’s own up-to-date data to determine which policies should be assigned or unassigned in real-time. For example, when a user visits the company offices, a policy can automatically install the wi-fi and printing profiles based on its physical location. It’s all part of Addigy’s automation features, allowing you to let Addigy handle the more tedious or repetitive tasks.

Device lifecycle: from onboarding to sunsetting

Devices can be assigned to different policies at any time based on the needs of the device and the end user. For example, devices may initially be assigned an enrollment policy. Then, other policies can be assigned and unassigned in response to who is using the device, and other events or temporary needs. 

Child policies and the policy hierarchy

Addigy Policies can be organized in a parent-child-grandchild (and deeper) hierarchy. This capability allows you to customize your policies and use the power of inheritance down the policy hierarchy to simplify your device organization, whether you’re an MSP or a large IT team.

Zero-Touch Deployments

Connecting Apple Business and School Manager with Addigy is easy. The moment a device comes out of the box, it will connect to its home policy and receive all your organization’s required software and settings during setup. This allows your end users to be productive as quickly as possible, and you know your devices and corporate data are secure.

More than MDM 

Addigy applies and enforces all the assets and settings in your policies on each device in real-time, giving you as much or as little control over devices as you like. In addition, Addigy leverages Apple’s MDM framework along with our powerful agent, leveraging our macOS capabilities to give you even more power.