The Features & Functionality You Need to Manage & Secure Your Apple Devices

Addigy was designed from the ground up to effortlessly manage and secure all of your Apple devices—macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS—across multiple clients, teams, and locations. From remote support to ongoing maintenance, Addigy has the flexibility and functionality you need to securely manage and scale your Apple fleet.

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So there’s no need to maintain your own infrastructure or servers

To easily manage multiple organizations

Automated Device Enrollment
For seamless onboarding of devices out-of-the-box

macOS Agent
More than simply MDM, the Addigy macOS agent allows you to
work with macOS devices as if you’re sitting at the keyboard

Zero Touch Deployment
With Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager integration

PPPC Profiles Distribution
Automatically generate the necessary PPPCs to deploy with the custom
software you need to deliver

Real-Time Device Management
Get real-time access to every device

OS Patch Management
Quickly review relevant updates and keep devices up-to-date

Software Deployment
Deploy almost any software or settings to one or more managed
devices at the same time

Unlock Devices
Unlock devices remotely

Automated Maintenance
Run regular maintenance tasks automatically on a predetermined

Create a secure, remote live session with a Mac without end-user
interaction or approval

Allow end-users to install admin-approved applications, run
pre-loaded scripts, request support, and get notifications
for maintenance

Identity Management
Access to Addigy and macOS devices for users with already
familiar and secure identity provider credentials (supports Okta,
Google, AzureAD, O365, and SAML based providers)

Third-Party Patch Management
Keep commonly used third-party applications patched automatically

Public Software Catalog 
Access and deploy commonly used third-party applications with just a few clicks

Remote Access
Immediately launch a remote control session with a managed device

Remote Terminal
Launch terminal access with a single click with LiveTerminal

Remote Monitoring
Monitor for anything that falls outside of your security standard

Automated Remediation
Resolve monitoring issues automatically

Group Policies
Create, configure, deploy and delete policies quickly and easily

Remotely Lock or Wipe Devices
Immediately lock or wipe devices remotely to protect critical data

Always-on Compliance
Enforce security settings to maintain always-on compliance

Password Resets
Automate password resets without the need for a technician

FileVault Encryption
Encrypt macOS devices with FileVault and escrow the keys to
prevent unauthorized users from copying data off the drive

Asset Management
Know what Apple devices are in your environment and access
them with a single-click

Access built-in reports or build customized reports to suit your needs

Addigy Community
Copy and paste open source queries, scripts, monitors, and
maintenance tasks created by other Addigy users

Third-Party Integrations
With commonly used enterprise and MSP vendors

Open API that allows you to integrate Addigy with your
existing systems

Proven Scalability
Tens of devices to many thousands of devices—whatever
you need when you need it

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