How Melaleuca Chose Addigy to Support Their Global Mac Fleet

Case Study

Melaleuca is a health and wellness company based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Since 1985, they’ve been operating a retail business that sells everything from personal care and wellness products to cleaning supplies (and everything in between).

Today, their staff numbers over 4,000, and while they’re mostly a Windows shop, they now have around 200 Mac computers in their network, with more on the way. With offices around the world, including China, Germany, Australia, and Singapore, Melaleuca found themselves in need of a mobile device management (MDM) software solution that could help them meet their goals for cybersecurity.

We spoke with IT Security Engineer Garrett Rook about how their organization found Addigy and how it enables their team to do more than just monitor cybersecurity risks.

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Challenge: How to Inventory and Update Every Mac Device

Soon after joining Melaleuca’s cybersecurity team last year, IT Security Engineer Garrett Rook was tasked with finding a way to manage the Apple devices on their network. At the time, they had no security solutions or any program that could provide them with visibility into their Apple fleet.

Although Rook’s predecessor had started a search for a program similar to Microsoft’s SCCM, he’d never decided which Apple device management solution was right for their company’s global Mac fleet.

“A lot of our users travel with their Macbooks. We wanted to be able to see those devices, no matter where they were.”

As the new “Mac guy” within the organization, Rook understood all too well how easy it was to get sidetracked – the constant influx of requests to get more Mac computers up and running made it hard to sit down and evaluate a better solution.

Perhaps the biggest point of frustration at that time was that the constant task of provisioning didn’t include the right security measures. Rook knew they badly needed an MDM solution that could scale with their company. He just needed to evaluate his options.

Solution: A Cloud-Based Mobile Device Management Solution

Melaleuca’s product wish list was robust, but what they were really looking for was a solution that would provide all of these features at the right price point:

  • A cloud-based SaaS solution. Their international staff of users regularly travels with their company devices.
  • Custom security application deployment. The initial directive that came with our search for the right MDM solution was to find a tool that could help us provision custom security applications to our Apple devices, wherever they are on the planet.
  • The ability to push application and system updates was critical to achieving their cybersecurity goals.
  • Tools to provide 1-to-1 support to each Mac computer, whether by remote command or through a screen share.
  • A platform with clean and intuitive UI that would make taking action easy for the entire Security Operations and HelpDesk Teams.

As Rook demoed the products on the market, he was impressed by Addigy’s customer service:

“As I was vetting Addigy, I worked extensively with their leadership and customer support. Addigy provided us with a two-week demo that lasted for a full month. Melaleuca was able to get the entire organization’s deployment ready within those four weeks.”

Ultimately, this experience made a difference.

Results: Around the Clock Support for a Global Mac Fleet

Today, Melaleuca is able to manage vulnerabilities across the company from a single pane of glass. Their IT team appreciates the ability to push notifications to users about automatic application updates, and their end users appreciate having an uninterrupted experience and robust self-service opportunities for IT support.

And having remote IT support for Apple devices has proven essential with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the entire company made an overnight shift to working for home, the IT team didn’t have to worry about the security of its Apple fleet. “The fact that we got Addigy rolled out last year has made such a difference,” Rook said.

He also anticipates that the IT team will find new applications for their MDM solution in the year ahead.

As Melaleuca manages international inventory and retail sales, they anticipate seeing an increase in iOS devices on their network, including iPads for warehouse inventory, entering their network in the coming months. With Addigy, all they’ll need to do is enroll these devices in their MDM solution and they’re ready – securely – to work.

Why Addigy?

When it came down to it, Rook cites two major reasons he chose Addigy over the competition:

  1. Exceptional customer support. The Addigy team answers Rook’s questions in under 24 hours every time, and this SLA has been consistent since Melaleuca’s account was in trial mode.
  2. The attractive UI and the intuitive UX. “The one thing I really liked about Addigy over all of the competitors is that the user interface was the most attractive,” Rook said. Although he is the primary Addigy user, he needed a platform that any help desk member could jump in and usual without reading a manual. Addigy provides just that.

These components of the Addigy experience are critical to Melaleuca’s IT team’s success, as they operate across all time zones and around the clock to support their Apple device users.