How Messiah Uses MDM to Support End Users

Tucked away in Mechanicsburg, PA, Messiah University is a quiet liberal arts school where Windows computers greatly outnumber Apple devices. In March 2019, their IT team adopted Addigy to manage the Apple devices in their environment.

To hear more about this transition, we spoke with Craig Gephart, a Tier 2 computer support technician at Messiah University, who helped facilitate this change. Several years ago, Craig assumed the lead role supporting the faculty, staff, and classrooms in the use of Apple computers. But it was a challenge to find the right software and to get the green light from financial oversight.

After nearly three years considering and reviewing different options to address Mac issues at the Messiah, Craig got authorization to implement a mobile device management (MDM) solution, and it transformed his team’s daily workflow and the end user experience. Here’s how Messiah University decided to adopt Addigy’s MDM solution.