Chart the course for a successful migration

Let Addigy be your expert navigator through your MDM Migration. Follow our readiness checklist to prepare for your migration and avoid the potential swells and storms of swapping MDM tools.

The enrollment method will determine how best to remove the current MDM and enroll into your new MDM environment. The two most common methods are a Manual (or Standard) Enrollment, which involves downloading a management profile and approving it on the device as an administrator. The other option is Automated device Enrollment, which allows for a device to enroll into an MDM right out of the box. Knowing this will help you determine your enrollment method into your new MDM.

In order to ensure that your new MDM tool is managing the device effectively, you’ll need to be able to enforce the same items in the new environment. Some of the most important items are the MDM Configuration Profiles, which enforce important security settings and the software that your end users need, but can also include Script based tasks for Monitoring or Maintenance tasks.

When enrolling the devices into your new MDM, an admin may be required to approve the new management profile on the device. If the end user is not an admin, you may need to elevate their user permissions or utilize a separate admin user account to approve the profile.

Our Customer Success team can help you identify the key points that are unique to your organization and will develop a migration plan that suits your unique needs. Our team can also provide aid via scripted workflows to make the transition to Addigy as smooth as possible.