On-Demand Webinar: Next-Gen Conditional Access For Your Apple Devices

Ready to gain full control over the devices and users connecting to your managed networks? 

Whether you’re enforcing BYOD policies or supporting an IT infrastructure in a highly regulated industry, it’s more important than ever to ensure only authorized users and devices can gain access to certain networks, programs, and data.

Addigy’s Compliance Engine and Next-Gen Conditional Access allow you to do just that.  

In this episode of our sudo talks webinar series, Addigy’s VP of Product, John Sutcliffe, and Joel Cedano, Senior Product Manager, show you the latest in Conditional Access, including:

  • Built-in policies to ensure devices comply with NIST macOS Security Compliance or Center for Internet Security (CIS) guidelines for securing macOS
  • A compliance engine that continually monitors your devices against the benchmarks and takes action if a device falls out of compliance
  • How to use Conditional Access to ensure a device and user are both trusted before allowing access to corporate networks, programs, or data