Maximum Apple Device Security

As the use of Apple devices become more common in the workplace, the risk of cyber threats continues to rise. Keep your data and devices safe with Addigy’s comprehensive security features.

Industry-Leading Cybersecurity Features

Decrease your risk of data breaches and enjoy peace of mind with Addigy’s industry-leading cybersecurity features, including: 

  • Military-grade password encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Role-based privileges for network users
  • Continuous 24/7/365 monitoring


Automatically apply security frameworks like CIS and NIST in seconds, or customize them to suit your unique needs. With Addigy’s compliance features, you can stay up-to-date with the latest benchmarks and keep your company out of embarrassing — and very costly — headlines.

Conditional Access

Partnering with Microsoft Conditional Access, Addigy ensures that only trusted users on trusted devices meeting your security and compliance standards can access valuable company resources.

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