System Review Suggested Topics

Main Topics to Cover

MDM Settings

Review of MDM settings, to ensure all APN certificates are properly created, not expired, and assigned to policies correctly.


Review of Policy structure, we will ensure you are using Addigy’s best practices around Policy structure, inheritance and Flex Policies.

Policy Settings

Review of Policy settings, a detailed review of some of the Policy settings to ensure that APN certificates, Systems Updates via MDM, Addigy Identity, Apps & Books, and Automated Device Enrollment are properly configured.


Review of important Catalog settings and provide guidance on items such as, Smart Software, Monitoring items, Maintenance items, Custom Facts, Self-Service, OS Users, and the Addigy Compliance Engine.

Highlighted Tools and Features

New OS Updates

Schedule and Deploy System Updates in Minutes.

Flex Policies

Simplify the process of assigning Apple device policies to new or existing devices.

Custom Software

You can manage your company-specific software with Addigy, deploying them to any device in your organization — even as part of the Mac setup process for new employees.

Monitoring & Remediation

Identify and resolve potential issues before they result in downtime.

Addigy Identity

Ensure that new team members automatically have the proper device settings
and configurations out of the box.


Automatically apply security frameworks like CIS and NIST in seconds, or customize them to suit your unique needs.

Conditional Access

Partnering with Microsoft Conditional Access, Addigy ensures that only trusted users on trusted devices meeting your security and compliance standards can access
valuable company resources.