Addigy Certified Expert (ACE)

Our expert course is two full days of instruction. This training is available remotely or in-person, and is appropriate for users that want to dig deeper into the Apple ecosystem and Apple device management using Addigy.

Why You Should Be Taking ACE Training?

You will learn from Addigy experts who can teach you everything you need to know to be the Apple IT champion in your company. You’ll receive a 1-year ACE certification upon completion of the training.


This 2-day training course offers in-depth knowledge regarding Addigy’s cloud-based platform, ecosystem tools, and terminology used to manage Apple devices: specifically, for macOS, iOS, iPad, and tvOS. 

On the final day of training, students will be given a 2-hour comprehensive exam to test their understanding. The exam is multiple-choice and can be retaken. The certification expires one year after the exam is passed.

Who Should Attend

  • IT professionals who deploy and manage Apple devices (MSPs, ACNs, IT Administrators)
  • Technical professionals who help customers choose Apple devices

What You’ll Learn

  • Addigy platform navigation 
  • Device and user enrollment methods and tools.
  • Device management workflows, configurations, and best practices.
  • Apple ecosystem terminology and programs.
  • Automation, basic scripting, and remediation strategies. 
  • Working with the Apple and Addigy community.

Recommended Knowledge and Requirements (No Prerequisites)

  • iOS and macOS familiarity.
  • Basic iOS device and Mac computer navigation skills.
  • macOS virtual MacStadium device will be provided for the completion of the labs and training. Not required to bring your own. 


Day 1

9:00 am – 5:00 pm EDT

  • Introduction to Addigy Device Management.
  • Enrolling Apple Devices in Addigy Management + Migrating to Addigy
  • Apple Business Manager & School Manager  
  • LAB: Scenario One + Demonstration
  • Addigy Identity
  • iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, what’s new in Addigy
  • macOS Big Sur & M1 Management with Addigy
  • GoLive Administration Best Practices
  • Apple MDM + Security
  • Lab: Scenario Two + Demonstration

Day 2

9:00 am – 5:00 pm EDT

  • Day 1 Recap
  • Self Service & Scripts with Addigy
  • Public & Custom Software & Extensions Executions
  • Lab: Scenario Three + Demonstration
  • Addigy Security, Monitoring & Alerts
  • Lab: Scenario Four + Demonstration
  • Addigy Best Practices

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