Software Deployment | Video Transcripts

Let’s take a look at how Addigy allows you to quickly deliver the software your users need on their iOS devices. Leveraging the power of Addigy’s policies, along with Apple MDM, you can quickly configure and deploy software to your entire fleet of devices. The software can be delivered when the devices initially enroll into Addigy or anytime in the future. We start by navigating to the policy where your devices are enrolled and select Apps and Books > Assets.

You then see a list of each of the applications you’ve purchased through Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. You can then click Add Asset for each tile you wish to deploy to the devices enrolled in this policy. Next click on the policy name, taking you to the policy summary. We see the two titles selected have been added to the policy. We confirm the changes and then deploy the policy. 

As soon as the device receives the commands to install the applications, the device will initiate the download and installation process directly from the Apple App Store. Just like that each of the iOS devices enrolled in the policy have the tools your users need to get their jobs done. Everything is installed and ready to go.

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