Immediate reporting and compliance without changing your MDM

Get the benefits of Addigy’s powerful compliance and real-time reporting features without the pain of migrating MDM.

Migrating your MDM is disruptive

If you’re not ready to migrate to Addigy’s full features, including MDM, you can still use Addigy’s real-time compliance and troubleshooting features with your existing MDM provider.

Add Addigy

Watchdog works alongside any MDM provider. Just deploy Watchdog to your Macs like you would any other PKG. The app will not interrupt the end user. Device data will be visible in Addigy immediately. 

All Devices in One Place

Are you an MSP managing different MDM vendors?

Watchdog lets you see all your Macs in one place, regardless of which MDM they were enrolled in. Give your Tier 1 support team a way to quickly find and troubleshoot end-user problems across all your clients.

Rules updated automatically: Addigy keeps track of any changes to the official spec so your devices are always tested against the latest official rules.

Easily enforce industry-standard compliance

Addigy keeps your devices compliant to  the official specs from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Adding Watchdog to your current MDM means that your devices can have the highest level of compliance at minimal extra cost.

Learn how Watchdog can work for your Apple fleet

We’ll contact you to set up a time that best works for you to discuss how Watchdog can fit in with your support workflows. 

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Supercharge Intune for your Macs

If you already use Intune to manage your Windows devices, adding Addigy gives you advanced capabilities. Addigy is one of the few Apple management apps that integrate with Microsoft Entra.

Device data, NOW

Addigy runs device audits much more frequently than Intune, so your data matches what the end-user is experiencing, allowing for much better support.

Built-in Remote Control

When you add Addigy to your managed devices, you get out-of-the-box Live Desktop native remote control, and even Live Terminal, a command line interface with root access right from your browser.


Yes! Watchdog is a standalone utility that tracks device data, provides powerful remote control tools, and also includes Addigy’s industry-leading compliance features. You can continue using your current MDM provider. You can even decide to migrate to Addigy’s MDM later and not lose your data or settings.

Watchdog customers only use Addigy’s robust software agent features. The agent is installed on any Mac and provides real-time reports that you can view in your Addigy account. If you’re satisfied with your MDM provider, you can use Watchdog and avoid the migration process.

While Addigy MDM provides a very large set of tools for managing all your Apple devices at scale, there are many things that MDM doesn’t support. Our agent provides many additional features that aren’t possible with MDM or DDM.

That can’t be easy! A lot of our customers are Managed Service Providers whose clients’ devices were enrolled in different MDMs and aren’t ready to migrate. We know that pain very well.

Watchdog is an especially great addition to those organizations because it lets them see all Macs in one account, something that they aren’t able to do without a lot of work and maintenance. They can instead deploy the Addigy agent and give their Tier 1 support team the best immediate way to discover and troubleshoot problems (often before the end user even realizes it).

A quick chat with an Addigy sales agent can get you up and running in minutes. Use the contact form above and we’ll be in touch shortly.