Addigy’s Top 10 Features

Mobile device management is a top priority for agile organizations that need to oversee multiple working environments at one time. Whether juggling traditional, remote, or hybrid offices, your users expect their devices to run optimally at all times.

For many device users, this happens through quick onboarding, proven safety from security threats, streamlined software updates, and regular, ongoing maintenance.

As an internal IT manager or managed services provider (MSP), your device management platform must offer the MDM features and tools needed to help your end users remain productive and perform their best work.

Addigy is a one-of-a-kind device management platform for Apple that allows you to do just that.

Here’s What You Should Look For in an Apple MDM Platform

When you are evaluating device management tools (RMMs), you need a solution that will ensure your devices are set up in a way that you know they are safe and secure. This allows users to be as productive as possible when their device arrives. 

With Apple devices, this means choosing a mobile device management solution that provides an effortless way to manage macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS devices across multiple departments, clients, and locations. 

Let’s take a look at the top 10 features and functions of Addidy’s Apple MDM platform.

Single Sign-On

Addigy Identity provides a simple Single Sign-on process for your macOS devices. Addigy Identity makes user provisioning for devices and device authentication simple and secure. Users benefit from the speed and convenience of using the same authentication across your entire organization. 

Identity works with platforms like Okta, Azure, and Google for even further collaborative benefits. You can customize Identity settings based on individual departments, clients, or locations, all from one single place.

Identity provides password syncing between your IDP and your users devices. Users are automatically reminded when it’s time to reset or choose a new password based on compliance standards. This alleviates the stress of maintaining good security hygiene within an identity provider.


Monitoring & Remediation

Addigy’s Monitoring and automated Remediation heads off small issues before they can become larger fires that lead to work stoppages. Not only that, but you can automate the repetitive tasks that take up so much of your team’s time, allowing everyone to focus on big-picture things. 

Addigy Monitoring and Remediation lets you be proactive in supporting your fleet of devices. You’ll be able to spend less time keeping an eye on loose ends and focus on moving the business forward. 

Technology moves quickly, and software updates and patches are required to keep work flowing. With diligent monitoring, Addigy provides peace of mind and reassurance when you want to eliminate gaps or fix known problems associated with macOS and iOS devices.You and your team will be proactive by leveraging Addigy to take action on any problems the moment they occur automatically. Addigy creates tickets within your existing ticketing system so that you can better visualize which alerts have been triggered and what actions have already been taken.

IT Inventory Management & Visibility

For growing organizations with a complex tech stack and large inventory of devices, protecting thousands of devices can be daunting

That’s where Addigy’s IT inventory management and visibility features come in. Addigy understands the importance of maintaining oversight into both physical hardware and software assets, including device types such as macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices.

Addigy’s automations will help you strategize and clearly define:

  • How many devices you have in your working environment
  • How many of those devices are actually up to date and in compliance
  • Which types of devices are in your inventory (and their state)
  • Inventory of the software each device has
  • Which users have access to specific devices, apps, or programs

Addigy eliminates the need to use separate programs for these important tracking and inventory-related tasks. It’s a complete end-to-end inventory management solution that improves security and makes asset-tracking easy.

Automated Device Enrollment

Automated device enrollment is the recommended choice for organization-owned devices. Automated Device Enrollment (combined with the power of Addigy), means the moment a device comes out of the box, it is immediately safe and secure. You will have total control to help your users become productive immediately. 

Devices can go straight from the warehouse into the user’s hands without IT having to touch them first. Users log in with Identity, and the device is configured to your preferences, with all of the software installed.

In addition to providing support for organizational devices, Automated Device Enrollment also makes it easier to manage BYOD policies. When users bring their own devices, to ensure any company-owned data is kept secure. With Addigy, you can get BYOD devices enrolled quickly and ensure employee-owned devices with access to corporate data comply with your security standards.

In addition to standard Automated Device Enrollment Features, Addigy also offers Branding and Customization options. Administrators now have the power to display even more options through the Setup Assistant, including:

  • Custom brand-able logo per policy
  • Unique authentication code (up to fifteen digits)
  • Terms of Service or Privacy Policy page that requires acceptance to continue enrollment

LiveDesktop  ​​

When problems do require IT to have hands-on access to a device, Addigy LiveDesktop offers an exceptionally unique experience for remotely accessing macOS devices.

Unlike other third-party tools that require installing a separate application to access and control each device, LiveDesktop uses the remote management framework that’s built into macOS. From this foundation, LiveDesktop securely tunnels traffic from that service to a unique URL. Administrators can then access a device directly from Addigy with the click of a button.

When LiveDesktop is enabled, users can easily configure privileges to match specific needs and service requirements. It’s also possible to attempt a LiveDesktop session when a device is offline, which provides additional flexibility for servicing and troubleshooting devices.

Addigy’s latest LiveDesktop v2 features an even better version of the original LiveDesktop capabilities, while maintaining the simplicity and easy user experience that administrators know and trust.


When administrators need command line access to a  device, Addigy LiveTerminal makes that simple, fast and most importantly: it works no matter where in the world that device is. 

LiveTerminal offers a simple and easy way to run an interactive terminal to a remote device, even if it’s protected. The terminal manager for Mac integration consists of an encrypted tunnel connection created through a direct SSH session. Because of the tunneling methods used, LiveTerminal provides a fast and direct connection to the device, without compromising on connection quality or speed. 

Users can take advantage of notable benefits like:

  • Live command responses
  • No necessary firewall changes
  • Familiar terminal interface
  • Keyboard interrupts
  • Support for continuous commands (tail -f, top, etc.)
  • Native text editors (nano, vim, etc.)
  • Instant terminal access
  • Passwordless login
  • Multiple sessions on same or different machines
  • Multiple SSH windows
  • Cloud-based access from anywhere


One aspect of having an innovative and intuitive MDM platform is the ability to empower end users with tools that make it easier. On the organizational side, this frees up valuable time and resources for broader IT projects and objectives.

Addigy’s Self Service, also known as MacManage, allows end users to install their own applications, request support, receive chats with administrators, and receive notifications for many of Addigy’s processes.

Self Service is a native Swift application that provides the seamless Apple experience that most users expect when interacting with or working on an approved device. With Self Service, administrators can incorporate helpful scripts that enable users to resolve issues independently.


Device management is holistic, but it’s also incredibly granular. At Addigy, we recognize the importance of properly maintaining Apple device information for every device. Administrators may need the ability to deploy individual policy items to a single device, and GoLive makes it possible to do just that. 

GoLive serves as a standard “hub” for each managed device on the network, making it easy to deploy software, reset passwords, deploy security settings and view real-time details about a particular device. This comes in handy when you need to make updates or carefully evaluate the capabilities of a single device.

With Addigy’s latest GoLive updates, you can locate up-to-the-minute data and a whole set of features that allow you to change settings, deploy packages, and even take complete control of a macOS device. Addigy gathers more than one hundred device facts for you to know the latest state of a single device and be better prepared to manage it.

Public Software Catalog

The Public Software Catalog is your “one-stop shop” for commonly used third-party applications for macOS. Using Addigy’s Public Software Catalog, an Addigy administrator can deploy new software titles in just a few clicks.

Addigy, partners community members can maintain the items available in a Public Software Catalog. These features create easier pathways for updating software and keeping devices up to current standards.

Currently supported software titles always receive the most recent updates from Addigy, as they become available. The current list includes apps by category, such as:

  • Browsers
  • Cloud storage
  • Collaboration
  • macOS
  • Productivity
  • Remote support
  • Security
  • Utilities 

Addigy continually monitors each of the software titles in the public catalog to ensure they are up to date. This means you don’t have to monitor hundreds of titles on your own to ensure that you have the latest and most secure version of each title.

Smart Software

Smart Software is an extension of Addigy’s Custom Software. This tool aims to simplify a few of the nuances associated with packaging and deploying software to macOS devices, specifically 10.14+ devices that require several PPPC permissions. 

Smart Software streamlines preparing software to be deployed to your fleet. This process automatically creates necessary PPPC profiles for software to install and run without prompting your device user. 

Addigy automatically generates the necessary PPPC profiles when you create a custom  software install, enabling administrators to set and deploy those preferences seamlessly.

Using Smart Software is as easy as uploading and selecting your Custom Software, selecting the preferred application from the available PPPC Profiles menu, and configuring personalized PPPC permissions to suit your own security posture. This removes bottlenecks associated with software packaging and deployment.

What Can Addigy Do for You?

The Addigy experience is not the typical device management solution. As a service provider, we’re proud of our less than 1% customer churn rate and our consistently high customer satisfaction score.

With dedication to the MDM features you need and customer service you can always rely on, we’re confident that Addigy can expand your IT capabilities and help you grow your business.

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