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Addigy’s Striking Product Releases in Q1 2024

In the MDM world, Addigy stands out for its trailblazing product releases. As we finish up the first quarter of the year, let’s take a closer look at the remarkable innovations Addigy has brought to the table. From empowering businesses with cutting-edge solutions to enhancing user experiences, here are the highlights of Addigy’s Q1 product releases:

RSS Feed Link for All New Release Types

Addigy’s bug, feature/improvement, and public software RSS feeds are currently live. You can see these on our Release page, and sign up for RSS updates.

  • Bugs: Stay informed about the latest bug fixes, ensuring your software runs smoothly.
  • Features and Improvements: Discover new features and improvements to enhance your user experience.
  • Software Library: Get updates on the latest additions and changes to our software library.
  • All Content: This feed combines all the updates in one place for those who want to stay in the loop on everything.

Subscribing is easy: select the RSS feed that matches your interest, copy the link, and paste it into your preferred RSS reader. You’ll find all the links conveniently located on the sidebar of our website, ensuring straightforward access for ongoing and future updates.

Self-Service Install Page Enhancements for Mac

This enhancement includes the app description, category, version, and size, providing users with comprehensive information about the app before installation.

Moving Policies

This feature enables you to easily move your policies around in your policy structures and clone existing policies with all your assignments, allowing more iterations and learning around crafting your ideal policy hierarchy. Furthermore, when onboarding new clients or building new policies you can leverage existing policies as templates to accelerate this process.

Support Okta Workflow With or Without API Access Management

Addigy Identity can seamlessly integrate with your Okta account, with or without API Access Management. IT admins and MSPs can enjoy full compatibility without the extra cost of additional licenses. This means more savings for your team.

Learn more about identity user attributes and Okta User Attributes.

Help Center Page: CSM Details & Resources

Have you ever tried to find your customer success manager (CSM)? Well, now it’s easier than ever to find them and reach out! Their details are now available within the Addigy Help Center for eligible customer organizations. This feature enables IT administrators to communicate directly to their designated CSM, providing a direct channel of communication for items that may fall out of the scope of a typical support ticket. 

Whether you need assistance with training registration, have questions about billing, or require guidance on leveraging Addigy features for your clients or internal teams, your designated CSM is just a request away. This update is designed to enrich the Addigy experience, facilitating a more effective and efficient management of your environments.

Shared iPad Support and GoLive Features

  • Addigy now supports enabling Shared iPad during Automated Device Enrollment.
  • Shared iPads have support for 2 Shared iPad-specific MDM commands: Delete User and Logout User. These can be found in the device command dropdown in GoLive on Shared iPads. We also have a new Device Fact for Shared iPad- a Boolean true or false.

Addigy’s Q1 product releases demonstrate its unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer success in the SaaS landscape. With solutions that empower businesses, elevate experiences, and prioritize security, Addigy continues to set the bar high for the industry. As we look ahead to the rest of the year, one thing is certain: with Addigy leading the way, the future of MDM is brighter than ever.

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