Blocking Major macOS Upgrades with Addigy

Blocking Major macOS Upgrades with Addigy | Apple Software Updates

The technology products we use today need regular updates to perform at peak capacity, and Apple products are no exception. In fact, failing to incorporate macOS updates will not only slow down computers but can also put your devices at risk of cyberattacks. 

While you can’t deny the importance of macOS updates, they don’t always occur at the most convenient times for your business. System-wide software upgrades can cause severe interruptions in day-to-day operations. These problems are only exacerbated in today’s hybrid offices, where team members rely on their devices to remain productive. 

At Addigy, we provide our partners the ability to prepare for and control major Mac updates. With Addigy’s MDM solution, you can block software updates until the timing is right for your organization. 

What is the benefit of blocking macOS upgrades? 

There are some key ways that blocking Apple software updates can be beneficial to your business. 

App testing: While macOS updates might not cause any problems on their own, they could cause unexpected issues, such as system slowdowns and possible crashes of third-party applications. This notion is particularly concerning for project management apps and remote work tools that have become extremely important for hybrid offices. 

As the Apple training website explains, “Your organization may want to test critical apps and infrastructure with software updates before deploying them to users’ devices.” Delaying software updates until they are adequately vetted ensures that your team members remain connected and productive at all times. 

Scheduling conflicts: Considering the fact that certain Mac updates like Monterey have been known to freeze computers, it’s a good idea to block updates during critical periods of business activity. When scheduling conflicts arise between macOS updates and critical business activities, utilizing a platform like Addigy to delay patches is a great way to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly. 

Remote teams: Another great reason to use Addigy’s MDM software to block macOS updates is the coordination of remote teams. Simply put, in order for remote teams to remain productive, their devices must be working at 100%. 

Pausing macOS updates until you have your whole team on the same page for a potential system slowdown is a great idea. MDM software gives you the ability to pause updates and implement system-wide changes only when all team members are ready. 

Will blocking macOS upgrades negatively impact my system?  

It’s important to remember that software updates are specifically designed to keep managed Macs protected from known vulnerabilities and functioning at their very best. However, any changes made to a device could result in unexpected consequences, and Mac updates are no exception, so you must be strategic about implementing new software, regardless of the source. 

However, if you neglect macOS updates for too long, you run the risk of impacting device performance. Even more concerning, however, is the fact that Apple products are more vulnerable to cyberattacks when they are not updated with the latest software. Taken across a whole organization, failing to update software presents a security risk that you simply cannot afford. 

The key is to find a balance between keeping devices working at 100% with Apple software updates while minimizing business disruptions.

How to add or remove the Addigy blocker  

Delaying software updates is a simple process that can be done quite quickly with the Addigy blocker. 

Following these steps, you can learn how to upgrade macOS software when it makes the most sense for you:

  • Identify the Mac update you’d like to delay
  • Go to the Policies page in Addigy
  • Click through the Software tab and then the Public Library tab
  • Locate the macOS upgrade you’d like to block
  • Check the box next to the Policy and have it added or removed

It often takes devices up to 30 minutes to resume normal functionality after a blocker is removed from a policy. If you’d like to increase the speed of blocker removal, you can go to the Policies page Actions column and select Deploy Now from the Actions.

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