Let’s Get Conditional - Part 1

Let’s Get Conditional – Part 1: What Is Conditional Access? How Can It Work for You?

Every day organizations all over the world have to balance data security with end user empowerment. It’s a difficult task to keep organization-owned data secure while also allowing easy and quick data access to end users.

Conditional Access can help. Conditional Access allow you to provide users access to corporate-owned data, but only after they meet your desired security requirements. Conditional Access policies are basically if-then statements. If an end user wants to access a resource, then they must complete or have completed an action before they get said data access.

For example, a development manager wants to access an HR application to enter overtime for the QA team. They’ll be required to use multi-factor authentication to access it and must be using an organization-owned device. Conditional Access will first look for a certificate that is only deployed to organization-owned devices via MDM to ensure the device is approved to access the application. Conditional Access will then ask the development manager to sign in using 2FA/MFA authentication. Only after both conditions are met will the development manager be granted access to the requested application.

New Addigy Conditional Access Integration with Microsoft Azure

Come back for part 2 of this series to learn more about Conditional Access with Microsoft Azure services. 

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