How to Automate the Hardening of macOS Devices

Remember when we all thought macOS was unhackable? Fast-forward to today and keeping devices secure has turned into a full-time job. But it doesn’t have to be. 

With the right tools, hardening macOS devices can be done automatically, with very little day-to-day oversight needed. Join Addigy’s Apple security experts, Nicolas Ponce, VP of Operations & Security, and Nathan Pabon, Application Security Engineer, on Tuesday, August 9th at 3PM Eastern as they show you how you can automate the hardening of macOS devices in your managed environments.

They’ll cover these key automations: 

  • Automating the application of policies across devices, locations, and clients
  • Automatically remediating a device if it falls outside of its ideal state
  • Setting up automatic notifications if an issue is detected and can’t be auto -remediated
  • Automating and integrating with third-party tools and applications

Part of Addigy’s sudo talks Webinar Series

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Harden Your macOS Devices