MacTech Pro South Central: Addigy Certified Associates (ACA) Accreditation

Register for our ACA accreditation on February 25, 2020.

Join us at MacTech Pro in the Greater Dallas area and get your Addigy Certified Associates accreditation.

ACA accreditation provides you with:

  • Best practices for managing a fleet of Apple devices
  • A deep dive of MDM specifically with macOS devices
  • An overview of Automated Device Enrollment for out-of-the-box, zero-touch provisioning
  • Ways to leverage Apple, security, and tools that keep your organization and users protected
  • How to keep end-users empowered and happy

Register for ACA & MacTech Pro Now!

Space is limited; however, if this city sells out, get your ACA in 9 other MacTech Pro locations in 2020.