Webinar: Optimize Apple Device Management and User Monitoring with Addigy and Augmentt

It lurks in the shadows and is a problem growing day by day. That new cloud-based digital advertising platform purchased by the marketing team without telling anyone. Four different SaaS project management tools for the finance team that do the same thing. Proprietary corporate files being uploaded to a risky Russian file share app. Sensitive data being viewed and stored on personal devices using unsanctioned apps. 

You were hired to safeguard your clients from cyberthreats, but the largest threat may be coming from inside your clients’ own walls. You can’t see it, because you don’t even know it’s there. And let’s face it, you can’t protect against something if you don’t know it exists. 

Join Augmentt’s Co-Founder & CEO, Derik Belair, alongside Addigy’s own Jason Dettbarn, Founder & CEO, as they discuss shadow IT, cybersecurity, and the risks and opportunities they present. Gain greater visibility into your managed environments and improve security with Addigy’s powerful Apple device management platform, while eliminating your SaaS blindspots with Augmentt.

Eliminate SaaS Blindspots and Safeguard Your Managed Networks