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Addigy is trusted by thousands of IT teams to keep their Apple devices running securely and efficiently.

Devices Worldwide
MDM Commands Processed Daily
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We are able to tap into economies of scale and optimize common tasks for all clients environments, like software deployment, OS patching and restrictions, scripting and automation and templatizing policies. We estimate this will reduce the time our team dedicates to MDM management by at least 30% each week, creating happier team members and allowing us to more effectively secure our managed endpoints.

Jeff Gaines

It was the right solution for us to do what we need to do and at the right price point.

Georg Dauterman, CISSP

Addigy gives me abilities I never had before as an IT professional… it’s given me the ability to have a ‘third employee’ and has uplifted my own quality of work.

Sam Litt
New York Hall of Science

Addigy has allowed me to do more with less… I didn’t have to hire more people just because I took on more clients. Being able to do something once and push it down a hierarchy has pretty awesome power.

Zvon Petric
Director of Business Development

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