Mobile Device Management Software for iOS Devices

In order to provide employees with the connectivity they need to be productive, it’s critical you take proper care of mobile devices. To this end, mobile device management (MDM) software is essential for keeping iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs safe and secure.

By monitoring iOS devices to ensure they have the latest operating system and all necessary security configurations, MDM software for iOS Devices plays an important role for small and large organizations alike. Not only does MDM software ensure iOS Devices are operating as efficently as possible, but it also keeps your security protocol locked up tight. 

Addigy is the leading MDM solution for iOS device management. Our team has the skills and expertise to help you develop a winning MDM strategy for your mobile ecosystem.

Keep All iOS Devices Up-to-Date & Compliant 

Addigy MDM software is an all-in-one solution for keeping iOS devices up-to-date and compliant. With Addigy, you manage mobile devices for your entire team from one centralized platform — ensuring they remain connected when it matters most.

Onboarding New Devices

With Addigy mobile device management software for iOS Devices, you can get new devices onboarded quickly and efficiently. Addigy installs mobile apps and updates security settings automatically, so your IT team doesn’t have to make physical contact with new iPhones.  

With Addigy, you can streamline the iOS Device setup process so your employees don’t have to deal with tech-related tasks. When you hire new employees, Addigy will help you deploy Apple licenses and the correct policies and configurations on iPhones.

Mobile Device Security

No matter the size and scope of your operation, security breaches are a real threat in today’s business world. Addigy’s MDM software makes it easy to both develop and deploy cybersecurity best practices. Our platform also allows you to keep close tabs on suspicious activity in your mobile ecosystem. 

Addigy MDM software offers several perks such as military-grade password encryption and multi-factor authentication. Our robust platform also allows you to assign role-based privileges to users within your mobile network, ensuring people only have access to data that they truly need.

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More than 4,000 organizations trust Addigy with their mobile device security needs. Addigy is the only cloud-based, multi-tenant Apple device management software that makes it easy to conduct iPhone device management from anywhere in the world.

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