Partner Resources

Addigy Overview

Managing your Apple devices with Addigy


All the things a partner needs to know on one page

Email Script

Two short outbound email examples to drive meetings

Phone Script

Account profiles to target, common positioning statements, qualification questions and a standard call script

Addigy at Work

Two page document that outlines how Addigy is the ideal tool for Apple customers working from home

Addigy in Healthcare

Apple devices are transforming the bedside experience and iPads at the center of the equation

Partner Program Guide

Overview of our partner programs for you to share with your executive team

White Paper

How Apple Devices Enable and Secure the Modern Workforce

10 Reasons Your MSP will Love Using Addigy for DaaS

A lot of tools can be used for DaaS but are not actually made for it. Addigy is.

10 Reasons Your Customer will Love Using Addigy

Why Addigy is the right choice for Apple Device Management

Brand Guidelines

These are the things you need to know when talking about Addigy or using our branding

Addigy Training

There are three training options. All can be used to satisfy the Apple Consultant Network (ACN) MDM requirement.

Technical Support and KB Articles

Browse the knowledge base of documentation and workflow solutions.

MacAdmin’s Slack

Mac Administrators around the world all collaborate using Slack. Enter this community and join the Addigy channel.