Automated Patch Management Software & Tools for Apple Devices

Eliminating redundant tasks frees up your workday, while keeping your fleet secure and up to date.

Patch management is all about regularly updating and securing your IT software and applications. At the same time, manual patching is tedious and time-consuming. Who has time for that?

Discover how automated patch management tools, like you can experience with Addigy, protect your environment while providing more flexibility in the everyday.

What is Patch Management?

Software patches are simple fixes for some of the most common issues on operating systems and devices. Patches are typically released by the developer to improve security, fix bugs, resolve known errors, , or expand a set of features.

Patch management is the process of rolling out these important updates as part of an overall IT management strategy. When you’re responsible for hundreds or thousands of macOS devices and apps, you need to know that they’re ready to go at all times.

Security Patch Management—Why it Matters

Applying regular patches to macOS and third party applications is a critical step toward keeping your IT network secure. Outdated software creates security gaps that can be exploited by cybercriminals. Reducing vulnerabilities in devices helps to mitigate data breaches, ransomware attacks, identity theft, and other malicious activities. 

Because cybercrime is so prevalent, it’s more important than ever to keep endpoints patched and in adherence with compliance standards. Security breaches can have costly consequences, including lost productivity and revenue. 

Even though patch management is known to be a critical aspect of endpoint security, it’s commonly overlooked. Without the right patch management tool, updates become an overwhelming task. Fortunately, Addigy can help. 

Simplified Patch Management

Be one step ahead in solving errors, prioritizing important tasks, and automating key notifications about what needs to be updated and when. 

Security updates can be deployed easily and accurately through automation.

A solid patch management strategy requires flexibility. Pre-deployment testing can help avoid network instability or crashes. Because some updates impact end users, it’s important to consider scheduling. In some cases, updates should be postponed or users offered an opportunity to delay the process. Once a patch is deployed, the results must be tracked to ensure endpoints maintain compliance. Addigy is well-positioned to help you every step of the way.

Monitoring and remediation are key to handling your business. Application patch management is one way to get there quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Become an Apple Device Pro

With each new Apple update, how can you truly know if the moves you’re making are in line with industry standards?

Addigy offers training on best practices, based on improvements and trends throughout the tech and software industry. We’re here to help you navigate Apple operating systems, third-party software, and installed apps on your network. 

Webinar: Apple Patch Management Best Practices