Enterprise Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software

The use of Apple devices in the corporate world is on the rise, and it’s only expected to continue as more companies adopt a “choose-your-own-device” policy to help with employee retention. Factor in new “work from anywhere” programs and IT admins are faced with a whole new list of challenges.

How can IT teams efficiently onboard this new influx of Apple devices, keep those devices up-to-date and safe from cyberthreats, and quickly access them when problems arise? Enter Addigy.

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Businesses of All Sizes Choose Addigy for Apple MDM Needs

Contrary to popular belief, Apple enterprise MDM solutions are designed for more than simply managing company iPhones. The term “mobile device” has evolved to include all portable computing devices, including laptops and tablets, both of which need IT support in a business setting.

Luckily, Addigy’s enterprise Apple device management platform is designed to support the vast and varying needs of the modern enterprise technology fleet, whether you manage 100 devices or 10,000.

Apple device management software built with Apple users in mind

Addigy’s enterprise MDM capabilities go far beyond any other Apple management platform on the market.

  • Cloud-based without the need to maintain your own infrastructure
  • Easily get your devices set up and managed
  • Access to every Addigy feature with no additional or hidden costs


Real-time device management and instant remote access

If you want to keep your devices running at optimum performance, up-to-date information is crucial. Addigy’s Apple device management offers secure, real-time access to every device in your corporate network.

  • Launch an SSH session directly from the web browser with LiveTerminal
  • Immediately lock or wipe devices remotely to protect sensitive corporate data
  • Connect directly to a macOS device using Addigy LiveDesktop, or our partner integration with Splashtop, without the hassle of all the permission settings required by other tools



Zero-touch deployment and secure authentication

With Addigy’s Apple device enrollment program, enjoy a seamless, single password sign-in experience for your team.

  • Addigy Identity allows users to log in to their macOS devices with already familiar and secure identity provider credentials, whether Okta, Google, AzureAD, or O365
  • Onboard new team members in less than 5 minutes with out-of-the-box configurations
  • Automate password resets without the need for a technician to step in


Maintaining a secure environment

Security comes first at Addigy. Our internal processes are SOC II compliant to ensure the privacy and security of your end users and their devices.

  • Encrypt macOS devices with FileVault and escrow the keys
  • Configure identity provider logins at the login window
  • Remotely set a device to lost mode if it gets stolen, misplaced, or even lock or wipe the device to protect sensitive data

Certifications & Compliance

Addigy’s enterprise mobile device management solution requires all leveraged cloud service providers to be fully compliant with the following industry standards:

  • SOC 1 (Type 2), SOC 2 (Type 2), and SOC 3
  • PCI DSS 3.2 Level 1 – All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256 and stored with Stripe
  • FIPS 140-2 – For all cryptographic modules and communication
  • ISO 9001 – For all infrastructure
  • ISO 27001 – Security management standards
  • ISO 27017 – Cloud-specific controls
  • ISO 27018 – Personal data protection

Addigy Guarantees Your Apple Success

How? Let us show you:

  • Real-time monitoring and management of all your Apple devices.
  • Secure user onboarding, fully automated. Deploy a new Mac in less than 5 minutes.
  • Custom compliance support to enforce policies for both groups and individual devices.
  • Easy software updates. Report, configure, and deploy all OS and third-party software updates.
  • Instant remote access to macOS devices for fast troubleshooting and issue resolution.

Everything your team needs for optimal Apple management—and nothing you don’t.

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If your current mobile device management software doesn’t give you the built-in tools to support your mobile workforce in real-time, it may be time to consider migrating to a platform that combines a modern MDM with the features needed to keep your end users productive and their devices secure, wherever they are.

If you’re interested in learning more, watch our on-demand demo or request a free trial today.