On-Demand Webinar: Using Your Current RMM to Manage Apple Devices

Now that you’ve decided to manage Apple devices, how will you manage them? Chances are your current RMM solution has some basic functionality, but is it enough? In this installment of our MSP webinar series, How to Become an Apple Device Management Pro, we’re joined by Ben Greiner, Director of Apple Technology for Ntiva, an industry-leading MSP consistently ranked among the top in the nation. We chat with Ben about the pros and cons of using your current RMM solution to manage Apple devices and hear about the tools that Ntiva relies on.

You’ll learn:

  • The basic features needed to manage Apple devices
  • The pros and cons of using your current RMM tool
  • Why a single-pane-of-glass isn’t always the answer
  • The features and functionality you need to standardize your services across your managed Windows and Apple devices