How Award-Winning MSP, Valiant Technology, Improved Customer Experiences

Case Study

Manhattan-based Valiant Technology is an award-winning Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) and Expert Consultancy established in 2002. Their team has worked with Addigy since its earliest stages of development.

Valiant originally adopted Addigy’s mobile device management platform to help support Apple-based devices for their team of 40+ experts and quickly realized the positive impact the software would have on their customers.

Here’s how Valiant uses Addigy to remotely manage Apple devices in both their environment and the environments of their customers.

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The Problem: Valiant’s Previous MDM Lacked Support for Apple Devices

Before Addigy, the team at Valiant relied on cross-platform mobile device management software and found that it didn’t meet established requirements for supporting Apple devices to their standards.

Valiant needed a solution that was:

  • designed by Mac enthusiasts who understand supporting fleets of Apple devices
  • built to support a multi-tenant environment
  • actively supported with regular updates, product upgrades, and an engaged community

A suitable solution needed to meet these requirements – while maintaining competitive pricing.

The Solution: True SaaS Mobile Device Management Software That’s Built for Apple Devices

A couple of years after Valiant’s president, Georg Dauterman, first heard about Addigy from our CEO Jason Dettbarn, Jason reached back out to see if they’d be interested in an updated demo. This time around, the team found the improved user experience and features to be an ideal MDM solution built to support macOS.

By then, Addigy had grown into the solution Valiant was looking for. As Valiant’s Reactive Service Manager, Ryan Loughran, told us,

“It was the right solution for us to do what we need to do and at the right price point.”

Not only is Addigy the right solution, but it’s also a fully cloud-based SaaS solution – something that became a priority after several incidents with onsite hardware issues.

As a Managed IT Service Provider, Valiant needed a solution that would allow them to manage all of their clients’ macOS devices from a single location. While competing solutions provide Apple device management for one major enterprise client at a time, Valiant needed the flexibility to manage devices for many types of businesses – from non-profit organizations to entertainment law and architecture firms.

Valiant needed a solution that was flexible and could scale, and that solution was Addigy.

Results: Mac Support for Our Team and Our Customers

Today, Valiant Technology serves about 1,000 Apple devices and more than 1,000 Windows computers. With Addigy, Valiant’s team of 40 can manage their fleet of devices, and their clients’ technology, in an organized manner. How do they do it? Ryan Loughran explains:

“The way I have Addigy set up today? I have a top-level policy called MSP. That includes software, profiles, and everything that needs to be pushed out to all of our clients. Their enrolled Apple machines are nestled under that. Then, each company’s users have their profiles and setups organized below that.”

Loughran appreciates that the Addigy interface makes it easy to manage devices for each client. For managed service providers with a mix of operating systems on their rosters, having a flexible MDM solution that gives them a single pane of glass management is a major competitive advantage.