On-Demand Webinar: Ask A Hacker

As IT professionals responsible for protecting networks and devices, we deal with constant pressure to stay ahead of hackers and the latest cyber risks they pose, but it’s no small task.   

That’s why we welcomed “The Ethical Hacker,” Ralph Echemendia for a live Q&A session. Addigy’s own VP of Operations & Security, Nicolas Ponce, and Application Security Engineer, Nathan Pabon, joined Ralph to address your burning questions and discuss the latest news in cybersecurity.

Here’s a small sampling of the questions that were covered: 

  • What would you recommend as a good security toolkit/stack for macOS and iOS management?
  • Given the current threat landscape for macOS, what is your #1 suggestion to improve security posture across a Mac only deployment?
  • How vulnerable are Mac devices to lateral movement?
  • Exactly how safe is a current Mac as compared to previous OSX versions?
  • My customers often ask if I can detect if they’re being spied on or if a keylogger has been added to their Mac after a phishing attack. How do I find out if their keystrokes are being tracked or if they’re being spied on, aside from the typical malware and extension cleanup?

Part of Addigy’s sudo talks webinar series. For Mac Admins. By Apple Experts.