On-Demand Webinar: macOS Monterey Readiness

Learn what Addigy’s been doing all summer long to prepare for Apple’s Monterey release and what you need to be successful in your rollout. Learn how Addigy has you covered:

  • We’ll walk through the new Erase All Content and Settings, the new iCloud Relay Service, as well as some other new MDM capabilities Apple has delivered.
  • We’ve been testing enrollments, the agent, and all existing capabilities all summer long so that we have everything covered to make the rollout to your fleet as seamless as possible.
  • All of the built-in Addigy facts have been migrated over the summer to no longer rely on Python as Apple deprecated support for Python.
  • MacManage Helper and notifications have been fully tested and are ready for Monterey. You no longer have to worry about OS warnings around the coming deprecation of Python.
  • At WWDC Apple deprecated the Apps and Books v1 API replacing it with the much more scalable and reliable v2 of the Apps and Books API. We have made this our focus over the summer so that we can be fully ready to switch to V2 and eliminate the same challenges we encountered with delivery (and enrollments) of v1.
  • Plus! We’ve also ensured that on the day Monterey drops, your users can upgrade and use Addigy Identity as they did before!