On-Demand Webinar: Simplify Virtualizing and Testing with macOS

Have you ever rolled out a full OS or even a simple policy update to your managed devices, only to find it breaks something else in the environment? If you had just tested it properly, you might have saved the headaches that followed. Testing with macOS is extremely challenging, almost impossible in some cases, and tends to be time consuming and costly, so what should you do?

In this episode of our sudo talks webinar series, Addigy’s VP of Operations & Security, Nicolas Ponce, and Support Engineer, Iggy Carrasco, discuss how to simplify testing with macOS.

You’ll learn:

  • How to test with macOS without having to buy tons of equipment
  • How to test using a physical device(s)
  • How to test using a virtual device(s)
  • How to test with hosted solutions (AWS, MacStadium)
  • How to test with new Apple Silicon devices
  • How to test advanced workflows and onboarding tools

Part of Addigy’s sudo talks webinar series. For Mac Admins. By Apple Experts.