Addigy Success Factors for MSPs

A recent in-depth review of our MSP customers found the utilization of 6 “Success Factors” within Addigy. By leveraging the power of Addigy’s tools and features, you too can improve productivity, provide more service offerings to your customers, and benefit from a higher return on your investment with Addigy.

Deploy MDM Configurations

Leveraging pre-built MDM configurations enables admins to quickly secure devices, deploy printers, configure Wi-Fi settings, and much more. MDM configurations give you the tools to scale your business quickly and efficiently.
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System Updates via MDM

Addigy gives you powerful and automated control over updating your customers’ devices by allowing you to decide which devices to update, when to execute the updates, and even restrict the installation of specific OS versions. System Updates via MDM brings new functionality to updating your fleet and allows administrators to take control of a potentially time-consuming task.
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Remote Control Enabled

Addigy’s remote control integrations streamline desktop support workflows. With the ability to seamlessly remote into macOS devices via native macOS frameworks or through our integration with Splashtop, Addigy provides an unrivaled and extremely user-friendly experience for remotely controlling macOS devices.
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Efficiently Leverage Policies

Policies allow you to set baselines for what you deploy to your organization’s devices. Through inheritance, you can create a hierarchical policy structure that assures your devices are in compliance with your set baselines. Add an extra layer of efficiency by leveraging Flex Policies. With Flex Policies you can define rules for filtering devices so Addigy can automatically assign devices as they check-in. Flex Policies can significantly reduce tedious and repetitive tasks involved in asset deployment, resulting in decreased workload and increased productivity.
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Self Service Configuration in Policies

Smart MSPs realize they can’t do it alone. Promoting the use of Addigy’s Self Service app (also known as MacManage) empowers end users to easily install applications, request support, receive chats from admins, important notifications, and much more.
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Know your Resources at Addigy 

Partnering with our highly-rated Support Team, knowledge base support site, and Customer Success Team is a key factor to the success of your Addigy journey. Our main goal is to help you navigate around roadblocks and make sure you’re connected with the right people to help you move forward!
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