6 Reasons Why People Still Choose Mac Devices for Business

While the PC vs. Mac computer battle has cooled down, entrepreneurs looking to choose a camp may still wonder whether MacBook models are worth the upfront investment.

With Apple’s stellar reputation for building beautiful and easy-to-use devices, it’s not hard to understand why end users love their MacBooks. Mac computers are easy to use, privacy-forward, and secure. These superlative qualities are also enjoyed by IT teams that support Apple devices, especially for those working in a blended environment, where Mac computers and Windows PCs are welcome and supported.

If your IT team is not yet fluent in Mac, it may be time to learn about the benefits of supporting Apple devices in your environment. Here are six reasons why business leaders still choose Mac computers for their business needs.

1: The Mac Computer User Experience

In addition to an intuitive user experience, Mac computers are known for their reliability. A recent study by Forrester found that Mac users lose less time lost to IT issues than PC users, resulting in  48 hours of increased productivity per employee over three years. That’s no small gain.

Apple devices are also famously easy for IT teams to navigate. From initial provisioning to an employee’s departure, Mac computers can save your support team time and money. It takes an IT employee 5 minutes to set up a Mac for provisioning, as opposed to 60 minutes for a PC. It takes even less time to remotely lock a missing device or put it in lost mode should something go awry.

2: Apple Is Privacy-Forward, User-First

Apple’s name is synonymous with privacy and security. From end-to-end encryption of iPhone messages and iCloud backups, Apple devices have a reputation for being more secure than the competition that holds up in practice.

3: Secure Devices that Come Ready for Cloud-Backups

Apple devices are built for back-ups. The benefits of enabling iCloud backups for private users are well-known, and this feature is popular for business users as well. With automatic backups to the cloud, your business has a copy of end users’ files and application settings, which can be useful when deploying a new device for that user or in the event that an employee decides to move on.

4: All Software Applications on the App Store Are Vetted

One of the main distinguishing factors for Apple device users is that all software applications must go through the Apple Store’s rigorous evaluation process, which ensures that everything on the App Store meets Apple’s quality assurance standards. For business users, this attention to device security and updates doesn’t go unnoticed.

Having the Apple team’s support and the close knit community of admins available enables your IT team to proactively address potential threats or issues before they arise.

5: Apple Devices Are Designed for Mobile Networking

Apple device management tools are baked into the design of Apple products. From iCloud to FileVault, Mac computers are equipped with cloud-based applications designed to provide businesses and their end users with easy access to their files from wherever they log in.

With an MDM for Apple devices, your IT team can remotely manage Apple devices for your entire fleet from a single pane of glass. Whether your employees are on iPhones, iPads, Apple computers, or using Apple TVs, Apple-first solutions are there to help you out.

6: Apple Devices Are a Cost-Effective Choice for Businesses

When businesses do the math, Apple devices tend to win in the long term. A recent Forrester study found that Mac computers cost $50.25 less than comparable PCs on a per-device basis when considering three-year hardware and software costs, despite the upfront acquisition cost for Mac computers being $500 higher on average.

To flip that number on its head, Mac computers cost $628.31 less than comparable PCs when considering three-year support and operational costs. When you look at large or growing organizations, Mac devices and support scale better than their PC counterparts, and companies count on these cost efficiencies.

Join a Community that Supports Mac Devices

Whether you’re new to Apple device management or part of a company that’s debating the merits of adding more Apple devices to your network, one of the biggest advantages of expanding Apple use within your organization is the community that comes with it.

Whether you use a mobile device management solution or you’re just beginning to shop around, you can count on a whole ecosystem of products and services that are developed with secure, mobile device use in mind. End users and the IT teams that support them appreciate the efficiency and convenience baked into the architecture of Mac computers. This is why you can expect to see more major enterprise deployments of Apple devices in the months and years ahead.

Download the white paper, How Apple Devices Enable and Secure the Modern Workforce

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