Bye-Bye Bandwidth Draining, Hello LANCache

High Availability Caching

As IT Admins, pushing hundreds of files to the machines that we manage is all too familiar. Feeding these large files, such as those from Adobe and Microsoft Office Suite, can cause us to tax the bandwidth of our sites. While some sites enjoy the luxury of unlimited 1Gb download speeds, other sites suffer from not only slower speeds, but have a data usage cap they must stay within to avoid surplus charges. Addigy prioritizes keeping costs low and large deployments efficient, which is why we are delighted to announce improvements to our zero-touch, high-availability caching utility: Addigy LANCache.

Save your Bandwidth and Increase Deployment Efficiency

Addigy’s LANCache does not require you to trade the speed or efficiency of your deployments to save bandwidth on your site. LANCache allows all Addigy-enabled machines on your network to share files through the LAN, instead of reaching out of the network and draining that valuable bandwidth. LANCache uses an industry-first algorithm to identify the best machines for caching on the network, does not require a dedicated caching server, and finds the optimum routes for file distribution to increase download speeds across all file deployments. If this didn’t convince you yet, just keep reading below for even more awesome features.

Forget your Static Caching Server

Addigy’s LANCache requires zero configuration to get started and comes at no extra cost for Addigy customers. Yes, you read that right! Our premier algorithm weighs all machines on the network by hardware specs, speed tests, and custom values that you can set to dictate which machine should be used as the primary caching server.

Smart Fallback

Because we use a weighted algorithm approach, you never have to worry about your static server dying on you and your devices reaching outside of the network. Addigy’s LANCache will simply find the next best machine on the network to use as a caching server. It’s that simple.

No Dedicated Machine Needed

Dedicated machines to handle caching are a thing of the past. With Addigy LANCache, all your machines work together to bring you the low-cost and high-efficiency that your network needs.

More details on managing the Addigy LANCache utility.

Save bandwidth and increase deployment efficiency with Addigy LANCache.

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