Stay On Top of Apple Device Management News: August 2022

Here’s our monthly wrap-up of Apple news you don’t want to miss!


Apple’s top gun Q2 earnings fly past global economic fears – CRN
Apple proves once again why innovation and product diversity is paramount. In spite of supply chain issues that hamstrung most of the tech industry, Apple managed a noteworthy quarter due in large part to subscriptions, services, and record-high iPhone sales. Read this CRN blog to learn more about how Apple navigated the turbulent Covid economy. 

OSINT and personal security with Christina Lekati – SecureMac
As the weaponization of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) grows,  new risks to companies, high-profile individuals, and everyday users alike have many experts rethinking cybersecurity. Read this blog from SecureMac’s interview with Cyber Risk GmbH’s Senior Social Engineering Trainer and Consultant, Christina Lekati, for expert cybersecurity tips and recommendations. 

Everything else Apple will (and won’t) announce at its iPhone 14 event – Macworld
Apple’s “Far Out” event is coming and Macworld is giving us the scoop on all the speculated products that could be announced in September. From new models of reliable Apple favorites to a new smart home device and virtual reality goggles. Don’t miss out on all the rumors, check out the latest blog from Macworld. 

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