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Streamlining Security Management: Addigy’s Enhanced Integration with Malwarebytes OneView

We’re rolling out additional features to our integration with Malwarebytes OneView (MBOV). If you aren’t familiar with this integration, it gives you the ability to quickly and easily deploy the MBOV antivirus solution to your entire fleet of devices, streamlining the process through automation and simplifying the management of the software.

One of the key new features introduced to the integration is the ability for users to view suspicious activity directly from the Addigy portal. This feature is made possible by three new device facts, which include:

  • Suspicious Activity Detected (Boolean): This device shows whether suspicious activity has been detected on a device.
  • Suspicious Activity Count (Num/Int): This device fact displays the number of instances of suspicious activity that have been detected on a device.
  • Last Scan:  This device fact displays the last scan conducted by Malwarebytes agent 

The newly introduced device facts provide additional data for security monitoring and management. With the ability to view suspicious activity directly from the Addigy portal, you can set up more advanced automated alerting and remediation processes.

For example, when suspicious activity is detected on a device, an alert can be sent to the administrator, and a pre-defined remediation script can be automatically initiated to address the issue.

Additionally, the new data provided by the device facts can be used to create Flex policies that adapt to the specific security needs of an organization. For example, you can create policies that automatically quarantine a device if a certain number of suspicious activity instances are detected, or that block a specific file path if it is identified as a source of malicious activity.

The new device facts can also be used to enhance compliance benchmarks. Compliance regulations such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS often require regular scans of devices to detect and prevent security threats. The new device facts make it possible for users to check in with MBOV scans and ensure that their devices are in compliance with these regulations by detecting suspicious activity, counting the instances, and providing the path of the suspicious activity.

With the MBOV integration, Addigy users can more easily monitor and address potential security threats on their devices, reducing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

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