WWDC23 recap

WWDC 2023 Recap

This is a BIG year for mobile device management! Besides all the amazing hardware announced this year at WWDC (Intel is now completely vanquished from the hardware lineup!), Apple announced many new robust capabilities to help secure and manage all your Apple devices. 

Over the last several years at WWDC, Apple began major changes to MDM: declarative device management and the identity process on devices – Platform Single Sign On. All of this was done in an effort to improve the device user experience while ensuring your Apple fleet’s security. 

At this year’s WWDC, we are seeing these initiatives really come to life. Please join us for our annual WWDC sudo talks (July 12th at 2pm EST), where we’ll do a deeper dive into each of these initiatives, and discuss how you can start testing now to help be ready when the OSs arrive.

In the meantime, here’s a quick summary to get you started:

  1. Declarative Device Management (DDM) – originally announced at WWDC 2021 for iOS and iPadOS, and expanded to macOS 13 at last year’s WWDC, DDM looks ready to become the complete solution for devices running the latest operating systems from Apple. DDM promises to deliver a greatly improved software update experience for your device users. This includes more control over notifications of when (and if!) an OS update can and will occur. 
  2. Platform Single Sign On – announced at WWDC 2022, Platform SSO will be available for delivery later this year. Platform SSO requires work by the individual Identity Providers (IDPs) for MDM vendors to be able to implement it. A formerly key missing capability of Platform SSO was the ability to create a user at the login window – and this has been solved, with some exceptions. 
  3. Automated Device Enrollment – ensures that the basics of device compliance are in place before users can create accounts and have full access to corporate devices. 
  4. Managed Device Attestation – support added for macOS Sonoma devices with T2 or Apple Silicon. Managed Device Attestation allows you to go even further to ensure that only the devices that you trust are a part of your corporate environment. 
  5. Configurator for iPhone – assign MDM servers right from the app, which means you no longer need to log in to Business or School Manager. This will make it even easier to add previously un-added devices to your Apple Business or School Manager accounts. 

And there’s so much more!

Join us for our WWDC sudo talks on July 12th at 2 pm EST to learn all about these enhancements, Addigy’s plans for rolling them out, and what you can be doing now to test these new OSs!

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