How Apple Business Essentials Benefits Us All

Addigy | 11/12/2021

Wednesday, November 10, 2021, Apple announced the beta release of Apple Business Essentials. Since Apple acquired Fleetsmith in June 2020, the Apple world has been waiting to see what they had up their sleeve and what it meant for Apple Device Management and the MDM world. 

Addigy couldn’t be more excited about Apple’s announcement. Extending Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager to provide configuration and app deployment capabilities is key to future Apple solutions. This announcement is yet another step in Apple’s commitment to solidify their investment in continuing their expansion in schools and businesses, especially when coupled with the new Mac lineup that is being adopted in record numbers. 

Apple Business Essentials now provides a foundation for a few key things: 

  • Businesses and schools now have access to turnkey hardware and device management solutions for their institutions that require minimal device management needs 
  • Apple Pay Point of Sale solutions become very straightforward for SMBs to roll out 

With the new Macs from Apple, organizations will no longer be able to stem the tide of Apple equipment in their organization. Solutions like Addigy are necessary to bring the next level of administration that these organizations are already accustomed to. Powerful device management solutions bring the power to tailor your device management solution to your organization’s needs. They provide the ability to deploy software from all your vendors, the ability to monitor what is important in your environment, the ability to build automations that remediate issues as they arise, rich reporting based on device criteria, and ease of use to ensure each device has what it needs when it needs it. 

And let’s not forget that MSPs and ACNs continue to require a scalable way to deliver Apple device management through a multi-tenant Apple MDM. More importantly, MSPs are tasked with delivering the highest level of consistency and security, which can only be done with a multi-tenant MDM, and is not sustainable when managing multiple individual accounts. 

So what does the future look like? Apple continues to invest heavily in making enterprises successful with amazing products like the new Silicon Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Apple TV. With the release of Apple Business Essentials and the announcements of the amazing new Silicon-based hardware, Apple demonstrates how important this area of growth is for their future. Apple’s continued investment in MDM allows Addigy to continue to provide next-level tools for our admins, including powerful integrations with solutions like Azure, Okta, Google, Acronis, plus the ability to customize your device management to meet each organization’s needs. 

Apple’s continued commitment to creating the world’s best device experience is something we are very excited about. At Addigy we remain focused on delivering innovative ways to help you manage Apple devices and continue to push the envelope of what an Apple device management platform can accomplish.

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