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Why MSPs Need Multi-Tenant Capabilities to Scale Profit

If you’ve worked for managed service providers (MSPs), or you currently run an MSP, you understand that scaling your services requires reliable tools for organizing your clients’ devices. We designed Addigy’s Apple device management solution with multi-tenant capabilities, enabling MSP consultants to harness the full benefits of an Apple-focused mobile device management solution while quickly accessing managed devices and identifying significant security issues across device groups. Let’s explore how these multi-tenant capabilities can assist you in scaling your operations.

Improve Your Staff’s Efficiency with Multi-tenant capabilities to Boost SLAs

Managed service providers lacking an Apple device management platform with multi-tenant capabilities must constantly log in and out of client accounts across various platforms throughout the day. Managing these passwords and switching between tabs can consume valuable time and concentration.

With Addigy, you can promptly respond to system alerts or client inquiries without the need for frequent logins or logouts. Addigy’s web UI and API provide the visibility and access required to manage devices for all clients in one place.

How Addigy can helpMSP scales their services

Produce More Revenue More Consistently with the Help of Automations

By employing a multi-tenant Apple device management solution, your team can increase revenue while optimizing the use of your engineers. This is achieved by enabling them to deliver consistent support to all clients through customizable automation. Our automation features provide a proactive presence capable of supporting background activities, including 24/7 remote monitoring management, without requiring client attention.

You can enhance your profitability by equipping consultants who manage devices remotely with the tools necessary to push critical updates, monitor security risks, and run custom scripts to simultaneously offer tailored solutions to every client. Furthermore, these tools simplify Apple device management, even for consultants primarily supporting Windows-based client accounts.

Expand Your Client Base without Compromising on Customer Service

Scaling an exceptional customer experience necessitates the ability to work efficiently while maintaining the highest level of customer service. It’s challenging for managed service providers to scale a system relying on multiple platforms with distinct workflows for each client, demanding meticulous documentation and upkeep.

Within Addigy, you can group devices within each client base and manage policies for individual groups or devices:

  • Easily implement best practices across your entire client base.
  • Deliver consistent, high-quality customer support.
  • Streamline remote monitoring management with dependable alerts.

The ability to manage multiple client accounts through one platform not only centralizes consultant tasks within a single screen but also establishes a cloud-based hub from which your team can securely manage Apple devices remotely from any location. These capabilities enable MSPs to work more efficiently, even as their client base expands.

A Best-in-Class, Single Pane of Glass Solution for Multiple Tenants

Whether you’re a managed service provider supporting ten or a hundred clients, chances are you’re encountering Apple devices within your clients’ organizations. Ensuring the same high level of support for these endpoints as you would for Windows devices is essential for your operational success. To achieve this efficiently and at scale, you require a solution tailored to Apple devices that aids your consultants in staying organized. A single-pane Apple device management solution can’t provide an excellent user experience unless it supports multiple tenants.

With Addigy’s multi-tenant Apple device management platform, you no longer need to make a choice between top-tier quality and a unified interface.

With Addigy’s multi-tenant Apple device management platform, you don’t have to choose between best-in-class and single pane of glass.

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