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Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Apple Device Management in 2023

In 2023, corporate IT teams face the daunting task of managing an increasingly complex web of regulations, global considerations, and evolving device management standards. With the expansion of global data protection frameworks, payment standards, and industry-specific guidelines, compliance challenges have grown manifold. Organizations are also experiencing geographic expansion, device diversification, and a surge in the use of Apple devices in business networks. This post explores the key findings from Addigy’s 2023 Apple Device Management Benchmark and offers insights for corporate IT leaders to effectively manage their network’s devices in this dynamic environment.

Layered Compliance

Regulatory compliance is of paramount importance, as demonstrated by the widespread adoption of cybersecurity insurance policies. However, many organizations may unknowingly violate policy terms, leading to denied claims. To maximize the benefits of cybersecurity insurance, companies must evaluate their device management solutions to ensure they meet security and compliance standards.

Security Beyond Borders

Global organizations are struggling to meet cross-border compliance regulations, particularly with the increasing number of protocols to follow. IT leaders must familiarize themselves with evolving regulatory landscapes and evaluate device management providers’ compliance standards to stay ahead.

A New Standard: Declarative Device Management

Apple’s Declarative Device Management (DDM) is set to revolutionize device management standards. Corporate IT leaders must prepare for the impact of DDM and consider device management solutions that can adapt to the new framework.

Managing Mixed Computing

Organizations with mixed computing environments benefit from dedicated Apple device management solutions, which instill confidence in system upgrades and security. Without a robust solution, managing Apple devices to the same standard as others in the network becomes challenging.

The Value of Apple Device Management

Apple device management solutions significantly improve security, visibility, and maintainability of corporate Mac environments. These solutions empower seamless onboarding and offboarding processes and are crucial for future readiness.

Wrapping it all Up

The evolving landscape of Apple device management demands a proactive approach from corporate IT teams. As DDM ushers in a new era of device management, organizations must partner with dedicated providers capable of adapting to unforeseen changes. IT leaders should look beyond standard features and prioritize agility and adaptability in their device management platforms. Embracing a holistic view of device management will enable organizations to navigate the challenges of tomorrow effectively.

The future of device management calls for vigilant compliance, a global perspective, and a strategic approach to adapt to the changing standards set by Apple and evolving regulations. By adopting the right Apple device management solution, corporate IT teams can confidently steer their organizations toward a secure and successful future.

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