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Addigy 2023: A Year of Transformative Achievements in Apple Device Management

2023 has been a groundbreaking year for Addigy, marked by a series of innovative firsts and significant advancements in managing Apple devices.

Compliance Benchmarks and Remediation: A First for iOS Devices

A standout achievement was our implementation of Single Click Compliance Benchmarks and Remediation across all Apple devices, including Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Addigy became the first to support iOS compliance benchmarks, setting a new industry standard. This initiative ensures devices meet rigorous compliance standards and offers remediation capabilities, ensuring that any compliance issues are swiftly and effectively resolved. This significant advancement elevated device security and streamlined compliance processes, marking a significant leap in IT management.

In addition, Addigy gives admins the flexibility to create their own Compliance Rules and Benchmarks alongside the predefined CIS compliance rules to accommodate their unique security needs.

Addigy Watchdog: Proactive IT Health Monitoring

The launch of Addigy’s MDM Watchdog revolutionized how IT teams monitor and manage device health. This tool offers continuous, real-time insights into device performance, enabling proactive identification and resolution of issues, thus maintaining optimal device health and security.

Declarative Device Management and OS Patching

We fully embraced Declarative Device Management (DDM), especially in the realm of OS patching. DDM represents a more reliable and efficient approach to keeping devices up-to-date, significantly reducing the vulnerability of devices to security threats. This method ensures that all devices are always running the latest, most secure versions of their operating systems while massively improving both the IT administrator and device end-user experience.

Integrating Microsoft Conditional Access for Enhanced Security

Our integration with Microsoft Conditional Access for Macs marked a significant leap in securing corporate assets while enabling access from anywhere. This feature ensures that Macs in corporate environments meet specific criteria before accessing resources, adding an extra layer of security.

Policy Templates for Efficient Device Management

Introducing Policy Templates was a game-changer for managing large fleets of devices. These templates allow IT teams to quickly deploy pre-configured or custom settings, streamlining the management process and saving valuable time. Policy Templates are designed to make device setup and management a hassle-free experience. These templates come loaded with pre-configured policies that eliminate the need for complex and time-consuming manual customization.

SSO Enrollment Customization for a Personalized Experience

We also enhanced the user experience with SSO Enrollment Customization, allowing for a more personalized and secure device enrollment process. This feature aligns with our commitment to user-friendly IT management.

Relaunch of releases.addigy.com: A Hub for Knowledge and Engagement

The relaunch of the releases.addigy.com page was a significant step in keeping our community informed and engaged. This platform is a vital resource for updates, insights, and best practices, underlining our commitment to transparency and community support.

Expanding Horizons with Third-Party Integrations

Our support for third-party integrations with platforms like Zorus, Vanta, Seraphicsecurity, Threatlocker, Hudu, Halo, Cloudradial, Liongard, Acornis, Saasoptics, and Zomentum is a testament to our dedication to providing comprehensive, integrated solutions. These integrations allow us to offer a more versatile and robust IT management ecosystem, catering to various needs and enhancing our ability to secure and manage devices effectively.

Looking Forward to 2024: The Future of Apple Device Management at Addigy

As we reflect on our accomplishments in 2023, we are eagerly looking ahead to an even more thrilling year in 2024. At Addigy, we have set our sights on transforming Apple device management by incorporating advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Our goal is to improve our current solutions and introduce new, user-friendly methods for managing Apple devices. We strive to create innovative developments that will redefine how IT management works, making it more efficient and effective. The future at Addigy is full of possibilities, and we cannot wait to share these exciting advancements with you!

Everything Addigy shipped this year!

  • ADE Related Items:
    • Terms and Conditions Refresh
    • Improve Logic for Apple Terms and Conditions Refresh
    • Enforce min OS version at ADE enrollment of a device
    • iOS/iPadOS 17+
    • macOS 14+
  • MDM Updates:
    • UI Improvements
    • Adding text for clarity, as well as cleaning up the buttons and selections
    • MDM Watchdog for all MDM
    • MDM Watchdog rolled into Addigy agent for all
    • MDM Stuck facts and reports
    • MDM Watchdog metrics
    • 1 to 24 hour retry logic creation to work with Watchdog
    • Dashboard metrics built out after rollout to help with RCA on updates issues
  • DDM Updates:
    • Core Support for DDM Updates
    • Feature Flag and Beta Program
    • UI to call out the feature
    • Account for multiple OS Update Declarations as part of incremental update workflow
    • Policy Settings
    • Policy Status
    • GoLive Status and Declared Updates
    • API endpoints for all catalog, creation, and user functions
    • Generate e-mail reports for DDM updates
    • Metrics
    • Number of updates
    • Policy settings
    • Completed
  • Activation Lock:
    • Improved Error handling from Apple responses
    • New UI to retrieve codes
    • Bulk request
    • Bulk export
    • Per record delete
    • New UI for toggle to bring clarity to the end user
    • Metrics on use
    • iCloud Relay tag fix
    • System profiler processor architecture error (Silicon)
  • Managed App Config:
    • Core Support
    • Key value pair UI
    • Per Policy UI
    • GoLive UI
    • Beta Feature Flag and testing
  • New MDM Profile Payloads or Keys for 2023:
    • Network Relay
    • System Settings for macOS 13+ vs. the old macOS 12 and older Pref. Panes
    • macOS 14.0+ Login Window updates payload
    • Extensible SSO MDM Configuration Payload and update as needed for MSFT CA work
    • Wi-Fi Payload Updated
    • Login Window Auto Login
    • Passcode payload updates
    • Restrictions Payload Updates
    • Support for macOS 14 and iOS/iPadOS 17 new features
  • Content Caching Payload
  • Q/A and Katalon Test:
    • Automation for testing Profiles as a whole
    • Automation for testing AirPlay Profile
  • Apps and Books:
    • Uninstall VPP applications if the Code is revoked
  • MDM Core migration – Software Updates
  • MDM Core migration- Profiles
  • DDM System Updates
  • DDM Profiles
  • SSO Enrollment Customization
  • Malwarebytes OneView Facts
    • Enable customers to create automation (Flex, Monitoring, Reports) in Addigy by leveraging Malwarebytes data, such as the number and list of threats found. 
  • The ability to change the Credit Card
    • Enabled customer to be able to update their CC in the platform without having to reach out to sales/finance teams
  • Pre-built Benchmark Cloning
    • Enabled customers to clone existing CIS and NIST benchmarks to custom-tailor them to fit their exact needs
  • Flex first-class citizen
    •  Auto-assign policies out of Beta. All new customers have it enabled by default.
  • Intune work
    • Added the ability for customers to set Azure conditional Access for their organization
  • Autotask Improvements
    • Allow customers to map any device fact to an Autotask configuration and also gave them the ability to sync devices via the API
  • Compliance Remediation – Beyond just triggering a device that is out of compliance, now automatically remediate the problem.
    • Added automatic remediation to all CIS and NIST benchmarks 
  • Variables with Encryption
    • Enabled customers to use environment variables across their software items, reducing duplicates and giving them a secure way to deploy software secrets
  • Compliance Reporting
    • Allowed customers to easily report on the compliance status of their inventory at a high level to an extremely detailed verbose report covering every benchmark, rule, and device.
  • Compliance for Sonoma
    • Lead the market by releasing the first one-click Sonoma CIS benchmark
  • iOS Compliance Benchmarks
    • Lead the market by releasing the first CIS iOS benchmark
  • Auto Retry Remediation Compliance
    • Make compliance remediation more resilient 
  • Conditional Access Policy Level + Billing
    • Extended Azure conditional access functionality to support multiple Azure tenants within a single Addigy organization.
  • General UI/UX improvements for the Navigation Bar, Policies page, Catalog, and other parts of the platform
  • Architecture to make Self Service user-based, not device-based, for activity and chat.
  • Self Service Activity Section:
    • Activity around Apps and Book installs
    • Activity around Software installs
    • Activity around MDM Profile deployments
    • Activity around Scripts
  • Ability to chat with OS users on a device.
  • Identity Enhancements:
    • Identity – Architecture for User Attributes and user data handling
    • Identity – Azure/Entra User Attributes
    • Identity – Google User Attributes
    • Identity – Additional Azure/Entra User Attributes
    • Identity – Support Okta Identity Engine Environments
    • Identity – Support Duo MFA pop-ups.
  • macOS Self Service Enhancements
  • Prebuilt Content
  • Policy Templates
  • Re-Launch of releases.addigy.com
  • Sidebar changes
  • Filtering Capabilities Activity
  • Dark Mode Support
  • Monthly Summary of all important product changes/fixes
  • Improved search
  • File Manager Enhancements: quick iteration and refresh of File Manager, including adding Search capabilities, UI updating, adding File Manager to the Catalog, and creating permissions
  • Public Software and Smart Software Enhancements: Enhancements to the Smart Software process for admin users.
  • Migration of Maintenance Out of Mac-Manager-Web: the ability for a user (who isn’t an owner) to edit all catalog items if they have the proper permissions.
  • Prebuilt Apps Back End Architecture: Back end work for new prebuilt apps feature!
  • Added IdP-Initiated SSO to Auth0 existing SSO.

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