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Rebuild macOS Devices With the Click of a Button

Erasing and reinstalling macOS usually requires IT Admins and Technicians to touch the device physically multiple times to get it ready for reuse. Addigy has simplified this process so the macOS device can be reprovisioned and ready for use with just the click of a button.

Rebuilding macOS devices is painful.

Have you ever tried to rebuild a macOS device for the next employee? 

If you have, you probably know the painstaking process which can take hours for each device, even if you don’t run into errors trying to rebuild the machine from RecoveryOS.

This process takes up precious time for an IT Admin that can be used to perform more critical tasks like securing employee devices and ensuring the fleet is maintained and up to date.

Addigy recognizes these challenges and has created a script and consolidated relevant information to simplify this process for you.


Check out the following knowledge base article, which expands on how you can do this in Addigy with just the click of a button:


  1. Read the Instructions
  2. Import the Script into Addigy
  3. Click the button to run it on desired devices
  4. Grab a coffee

Once the script finishes, it will leave the device at the Startup screen to reconfigure the macOS device. If you leverage Automated Device Enrollment, the machine will automatically re-enroll back into Addigy.

Note: This script should be used with caution as it will completely erase the device and reinstall macOS


This script provides a quick and easy way to completely rebuild macOS devices without it becoming a time-consuming process, saving you several hours of work.

This blog post was written by Luis Castro, Site Reliability Engineer, and Nicolas Ponce, Head of Operations and Security.

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