Apple Device Management News for February

Stay On Top of Apple Device Management News for February

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Supporting Apple Devices is Easier Than You Think – ChannelE2E 

Addigy highlights how more employees are working on Apple devices and how MSPs should respond to this upward trend by providing managed support for Apple devices. This article is sure to equip MSPs with valuable insights to ensure they’re fully supporting Apple devices, such as leveraging Apple Business Manager in tandem with their favorite MDM tool. Addigy also advocates for MSPs to play an essential role in helping customers determine their long-term device strategy. Read this article published on ChanelE2E to find out how supporting Apple devices is easier than you may think. 

SaaS Predictions for 2022: From Cloud Platforms to Security Services (and more) – CompTIA

Here’s a great resource by CompTIA that goes over the rising market for SaaS and how businesses are transforming to meet the needs of a much-changed workforce. The remote/hybrid workspace continues to transform how businesses operate, and business applications have been a critical asset in managing that transformation. With the growing usage of SaaS and digital platforms, MSPs have been presented with a tremendous opportunity to provide managed services to growing businesses. Read this article to learn how MSPs can tap into SaaS spending projected to reach $145.4 billion in 2022.    

Using choice to keep and retain talent amid the ‘Great Resignation’ – Computerworld

As more and more workers quit their jobs, it becomes increasingly difficult to find and retain staff, and tech industries, in particular, have had more positions to fill than there are willing and able applicants. The great resignation, inspired by COVID-19, has exposed a glaring hole in employee satisfaction in the job market: the lack of choice. The choice to work remotely and bring their own devices to the workplace. Employees want the comfort of home at work, and increasingly, more people’s devices of choice at home and work are Apple devices. Hear from Apple-Holic, Jonny Evans of Computerworld, as he discusses how employers can provide support for Apple Devices in the age of remote work. 

Apple Endpoint Security for MSPs: An In-Person Education – ChannelE2E

Amy Carr, senior director of marketing at Addigy, addresses the growing shift in customer behavior amongst MSPs’ client base. In today’s ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, more customers have been moving towards a hybrid work model, resulting in perimeter-based security becoming almost obsolete in favor of identity management and endpoint security.

Amy also addresses the proliferation of Apple endpoints in the workplace and how that plays into a customer’s comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. This poses a pressing challenge to MSPs who have yet to expand their services to include Apple device management and appeal to a security-conscious Apple clientele. To address these challenges, Amy invites MSPs to attend Addigy’s annual conference ‘Addigy Innovate 2022’ to get access to Apple industry insights, attend workshops, and view product presentations by industry leaders in the Apple IT ecosystem.  Read this article to avoid the mistake of ignoring the revolutionary shift in the demand for Apple devices in the managed services market.

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